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Professional Learning Services

Learning is a life-long process. As a child, we are driven to want to learn come and with an inquisitive mind about the world around us. It is my hope to ignite that passion for learning and use it to further the professional development for all educators.

Below is a list of professional learning offerings that I currently have available. If there is something you not listed that you would like professional development on, please let me know.

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Classroom Management

Do you have new teachers or veterans that need training in classroom management? We will go back to the basics and provide new insights on how to create POSITIVE habits in the classroom for students and teachers. 

Classroom Management Training: Click here

Relationship Building

Do people within your school or organization know how to work with each other? Learn strategies on how to build positive RELATIONSHIPs with all of your stakeholders for achieving success at the next level.

Relationship Training: Click Here

Effective Meeting Tools

Meeting Tools for Building a Collaborative Culture contains specific strategies and tools for improving the efficiency and productivity of group members in completing work assigned to them through a team environment.

Collaboration Training: Click Here

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