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Classroom Management

Classroom Management: Creating POSiTiVE Habits is a presentation that goes back to the basics in establishing research-based strategies for creating a positive climate and culture in the classroom. The presentation includes creating and modeling expectations for teachers and students, how to de-escalate incidents, and how to properly refer a student who is being disruptive.

Participants will also learn practical strategies that will prepare and equip them to understand the root causes of habits and how to overcome bad ones. This session will be interactive and will include engagement from the audience (some hands-on role playing) to give strategies people can use the next day.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will acquire research-based strategies for basic classroom management skills through the acronym POSiTiVE.
  2. Participants will learn what habits are and how they affect a people’s behavior, including how to change them.
  3. Participants will learn strategies to build positive relationships with stakeholders through the PBIS framework.