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Elementary Consulting System

Elementary Consulting was born out of a desire to reach educators across the state of Georgia, United States and other countries with high quality professional learning that is simple, practical, and hands-on.  The mission: “learning by example, exposure and experience” is at the core of our values, which can be best conveyed by teaching the head, heart and hands. Educators that teach with the head, heart, and hands, give students a holistic learning experience.

Head | example – We must engage our students to think critically with their minds. They should be able to not only recall and regurgitate information, but also be able to know how the information is used in a variety of contexts.  They must be able to link complex systems and theories of all subjects to the current reality they are in. They should be knowledgeable in a variety of fields, which include their core subjects and fine arts respectively.

Heart | exposure – We must help students to learn how to value other cultures, respect themselves and others that are different from them.  They must learn how to possess self-worth and confidence.  Common values and ethical standards should be reinforced that are instilled at the early stages of life. Students must believe in themselves and know they can make a difference in the world around them.

Hands | experience – We must give students hands-on tasks and performance-based instruction to learn and retain key concepts of skills needed to succeed in the world.  They should be given the opportunity to find strength in experiences that create lifelong understanding and memories of their experiences that books alone cannot produce.

By giving students an example, processing this information through exposure, and allowing the knowledge to be gained through experience, we will create a relevant, a real-world learning ecosystem. These experiences will help students function in real world settings after they graduate from high school and go either to college or the work force.

Meet Mr. Chiles

Anthony Chiles currently serves as the Student Support Coordinator in the Burke County Public School System in Waynesboro, GA. He began his career teaching music education for six years before moving into administration. Currently, in his 15th year of education, Mr. Chiles has worked at the elementary, middle and high school levels of administration. Since 2010, Mr. Chiles has supported new and veteran teachers through professional learning in classroom management, school improvement initiatives and building culture through collaborative decision making.

Mr. Chiles additionally is a Lead Evaluator for Cognia (formerly AdvancED | Measured Progress); the global leader in educational institutions and systems accreditation. He additionally serves on the Georgia state council for Beta Club. Mr. Chiles has his Bachelor of Music Education from Berry College, Masters and Specialist in Educational Leadership from Georgia College and State University and a STEAM Endorsement from Augusta University.